Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Interesting new mountain bike multi-tools! Cool mtb multi-tools

Check out some interesting multi-tools I found for mountain biking.

These are some great options for taking tools with you on the trails when you're cycling.


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  2. I just love multi-tools and especially when you're out camping, it pays to have a compact one on hand. The smaller and more effiecient - the better for me. Althought they won't really substitute the service done by EDC knives or swiss knives, still- they are great to get as addition to your gears. My favorite is the Leatherman and I swear by its durability and workmanship. For me nothing compares to it, gotta love it if you're into trekking or backpacking. See this awesome link for some more information: http://backpackingmastery.com/top-picks/best-multi-tools.html

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