Monday, July 18, 2016

While carbon bikes get most of the media attention, lots of people are still riding alloy rigs. For some, it comes down to cost, while others cite apprehension about durability. Whatever your reasoning, it has become more difficult in recent years to source a high-end alloy frame since many small volume manufacturers have dropped alloy models entirely due to increased market demand for carbon — not to mention the better margins. continue...

CamKix Extra Large Carry Case

I was looking for away to carry and protect all my bike lights. Check out this review of the CamKix Large Carry Case and how it helped me out big time!

2016 Intense Tracer 275C Pro Build - Test Ride

Another great bike review from mountain biker Brian Kennedy. This time around he testes out the 2016 Intense Tracer 275C Pro Build

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Amazing Skills!

Insane skills! I only wish he had someone filming this so we could see it from the ground. The dismount would have been great to have been seen from another angle. I can't believe he did this all by himself without anyone making sure he was OK. Way crazier than I'll every be HAHAHA!