Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Elasty video software

Shaky video is so hard to avoid when recording on the trail. Chest mounts, helmet mounts and any other idea still seem to produce shake. At some point I hope to test out a gimbal that helps stabilize the camera, but until the funds show up to get such a device I think I have found an alternative! Elasty is an application that can be used to enhance video. It has many features, but the one I'm most interested in is the stabilization effect. It analyzes your video and produces a piece that takes a HUGE amount of the shake out. I'm very impressed with this tool and think I'll be adding it to the workflow for creating videos. Check out this clip I put together last night that compares video that has been altered and left raw.


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    1. Yeah man, it's like night and day. It does take a little time to process everything but that also has a lot to do with my computer. The laptop is doing pretty well up to this point but video editing seems to require a heck of a lot more power.