Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How Your GPS Lies to You

So you ever wonder why your GPS data varies all the time? Or why your buddy seemed to ride a greater distance then you on the same exact ride!!!! Fellow #RGMTB rider Shane Rieger found this article that really sheds some light on the topic. It's worth the read!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

360fly test drive

Just got my hands on a 360fly for review. OMG this is SICK!!!! My buddy Craig over at DiamondCycle was kind enough to lend me the shop's demo model. They are a dealer if you're in the market for one. I'll have a full review up soon, but I could only wait so long before I NEEDED to play HAHAHA. So cool and so easy to use! #rgmtb #360fly #diamondcycle

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ka$shima or no Ka$shima

When I purchased my 2014 Trek Fuel EX7 two and a half years ago, it was my jump back into mountain biking after a 10+ year hiatus.  The Fuel came with both fork and shock Fox suspension with the standard anodizing.  Coming from a Cannondale Super V 1000 that had a spring for suspension this was a huge step up in technology.  Over the next year as I began to ride harder I became distressed at the constant excessive sucking sound on rebound that came from the fork.  The fork was pulled and sent back to Fox.  When it returned with no issues found but still made the sucking noise on the rebound I started thinking about making the jump to Rockshok.  The problem I had was spending $500+ on a new suspension fork and not being able to test drive it. After thinking about the purchase for a while I found that Fox offered a Kashima coated stanchion upgrade for my fork for $255.  Do I spend $500 on a fork that I have no idea how it will handle or spend roughly half and upgrade what I have and be stuck with the suction sound but have better response to bumps?   I decided to go the Kashima coat stanchion upgrade.  I had my LBS perform the install and when I got my bike back there was a significant difference in the responsiveness of the fork and the sucking sound was all but gone.  There is just a slight sucking sound now, which is to be expected with the oils flowing through the valves, but again significantly quieter.  This experience helped me decide to upgrade the shock to a Kashima version Fox shock.  I installed the shock along with a RWC needle bearing upgrade to replace the TPU bushing on the lower part of the shock. (http://www.enduroforkseals.com/id374.html) I adjusted the pressure for sag while sitting on the bike and the next day took the bike out for a ride.  The bike takes small and big hits buttery smooth and is so nice to ride now that it is much quieter.  I love when my bikes run smooth and quiet.

Now you may be asking why the $ in the title?  A Kashima coat fork/shock will add $200-$400 to the price tag.  This is one of the reasons you don’t see many bikes come stock with the Kashima coated suspension.  The Kashima coat is also Fox’s answer to increasing the longevity of their components.  It is safe to say that Fox bike suspension is more susceptible to wear than some of their competitors and their answer is the Kashima Coat.  It is very durable and significantly slicker than standard anodizing which gives it that butter smooth feel.  I have been hearing in the grape vine that we might be seeing Fox suspension come in black anodizing next year.  I have not heard what the change is meant for and will be interesting to see if anything else has changed.

So to Kashima or not to Kashima?  This question seems to be up there with Coke or Pepsi?  In my scenario, it was one of the best upgrades I made to my bike and have no problems recommending it to others.  Incase you are wondering, I am a Coke guy ;)

Ride on!



Saturday, March 19, 2016

Great Navigation Skills


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Elasty video software

Shaky video is so hard to avoid when recording on the trail. Chest mounts, helmet mounts and any other idea still seem to produce shake. At some point I hope to test out a gimbal that helps stabilize the camera, but until the funds show up to get such a device I think I have found an alternative! Elasty is an application that can be used to enhance video. It has many features, but the one I'm most interested in is the stabilization effect. It analyzes your video and produces a piece that takes a HUGE amount of the shake out. I'm very impressed with this tool and think I'll be adding it to the workflow for creating videos. Check out this clip I put together last night that compares video that has been altered and left raw.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Soulcraft Option B+

This is really cool to watch! Amazing to see how the frame is built from nothing more than stock tubing into a work of art.

One more reason to fat bike!

Now this might REALLY get me out on my bike in the winter HAHAHA! LINK

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trials and tribulations of the RGMTB husband and dad!

Getting ready for DH Season

With the warmer weather upon us I turn my attention from Winter Fatbiking to Cross Country and Downhill/Gravity riding.  After 2 solid seasons on the factory tires, it was time to swap them out.  I decided to swap out the Bontrager XR4 Team Issue tires for a set of Bontrager G5’s. 

            I received the text that the tires were in at my LBS on a Thursday, which for me is the busiest day of the week with kid activities.  I swing by the LBS and pick up the tires and talk to the owner for a few as we are not sure the 27.5x2.5 tires will fit my Slash that came with 27.5x2.35 tires.  It is understood that one can usually go up 1 size, like 2.35 -2.45 or 2.1 to a 2.2.  So in my case what can an .005”s mean, right?
After 3 hours of activities I am on my way home wondering if I am going to swap out the tires even though the kids have to get to bed, the dogs walked and my wife is on the way home.  I take the chance that the evening will run smoothly and throw the bike up in the stand and pull the rear tire.  I pull the valve core to let the air out and then start taking the tire with the tire levers, pull the tube and take the tire off fully.  I wipe down the rim and start the install of the G5.  I get one side of the tire on, put the presta valve through the valve hole, put the retaining ring on and start working on getting the rest of the tire on.  I get about half way until the other half of the tire keeps slipping off.  I kung-fu grip one side and start slipping on the bead with a tire lever.  Inflate the tire up to 60 PSI to seat the bead.  Now it is the moment of truth.  I slip the cassette into the chain, screw the axel in and was in my glory to find I had plenty of clearance.  I check the time and see I have 15 minutes before my wife gets home and make a snap decision to do the front tire.  The process goes smoothly up to the point of getting the last half of the tire back on. I am thinking I have to lay this thing down and get on top of it.  My wife is going to be home any second, I am sweating bullets, the kids have to get to bed and now that I am down on the floor the dogs are poking around, licking my face.  I am trying to get the tire leaver in between the tire and tube and I start to bring the lever up and I loose grip and the leaver goes flying across the room and the dogs think I a playing and go after the lever and I have to wrestle it away from them and get back to getting the tire back on.  I finally get the tie on the rim, air up to 60psi to seat the bead and get the tire back on and the bike out of the rack right before my better half gets home.

My local gravity park opens in late May, I will do a review on the tires once I get a bunch of runs in with them.


Brand new Bontrager G5's

Soft Grippy knobs

Mounted and installed with plenty of clearance!

Killer loop at Wawayanda!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ride With Me - Wawayanda Quick Loop

So I had just enough time to squeeze in a quick loop and play camera man hahaha. I've got quite a bit to learn about shooting video. Things like settings of the camera and interesting angles all need to be learned. I shot this with one GoPro Hero 4 Silver. It worked very well, but only having one does make it kind of a pain. As for the finished video, I'm happy with it. Tell me what ya think.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Product Review - Tear-Aid

I found a pair of riding gloves up in the attic that I totally forgot about. Pretty nice gloves, but they had a rip in them. Rather than tossing them I thought I would search the web a little to see if I could find a fix. Check out the final results and how Tear-Aid came to the rescue!

ZOIC Prophet Shoes

Looks like ZOIC has some sweet new shoes out. They are called "The Prophet" and are designed to have all the comfort you would like to feel in a lace shoe, but all the grip you need to keep those feet of yours on the pedals. Go check'um out!

The Prophet

Product Review - Lezyne Hand Pump

After getting my fat bike and dealing with my first flat I quickly realized I needed a new pump! Now I was not looking to start carrying a huge floor pump with me on the trails, but totally needed something better then the pump I currently had at the time. After some research I came across the Lezyne High Volume Hand Pump. This pump was still small and fit in my bag fine, but produced much more air when inflating my tires. There are some other advantages that I found in using this pump. Check out my review and let me know what you think.